The Bethesda Medical Center serves the 19,000 residents of Grand-Bassín, Haiti, and nearly as many from the surrounding communities and rural areas. A live-in doctor and nurse provide care at the center 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Our national leaders are intentional about sharing the gospel and praying with each patient before they leave the center.

One patient, Amos Derose, has been going to this clinic for more than a decade. He has had difficulty keeping a stable job in the ongoing, tumultuous Haitian economy, but he says he has never had to worry about receiving the medical care he needs. Amos recalls the cholera outbreak in 2010 that killed many people in Haiti. He says, “Thanks to the AMG clinic, many lives were saved. I cannot stop thanking the Lord for His help through that clinic. They organize a devotion every morning before starting the workday, and that’s where I had the privilege of accepting Jesus Christ into my life. The clinic not only cares for my body but more importantly, the staff have helped me with my soul.”

Another patient, Verdieu, was struggling with prostate issues and was in so much pain he felt like he was going to die. He says that during his first visit to the Bethesda clinic, he felt better as soon as he walked in. Even though Verdieu could not afford to pay for the treatment he received, he was never denied the care he needed to recover. He says, “I hope that someday, the clinic may become a big hospital where the patients can receive all kinds of treatment.”

These are just a couple of the many stories we receive from people in need served by AMG ministries in Haiti and in many other countries in the world. For 78 years AMG has been focused on meeting the deepest needs of the least and the lost – spiritual and physical. Our national leaders and medical staff don’t just treat patients’ physical needs, they also share about the healing power that only the Great Physician can offer. For they know that when people feel loved, helped and cared for in the midst of health issues, they are more open to hearing the Good News of Christ.