Pastor Chris Crowe and his wife Lisa have been friends with AMG Guatemala Director Brian Dennett for many years. Chris traveled to Guatemala to officiate Brian’s eldest daughter’s wedding, which is when God began planting seeds of interest in his and Lisa’s hearts for the Guatemalan people. God seemed to be speaking in an almost audible way to the couple. Chris says he experienced what seemed like internal pleas in his spirit from the children of Guatemala days after returning home from the wedding saying, “Come, help us.” He speaks of this experience as imperatively as he does the call on his life to become a pastor. Chris and Lisa assured Brian that they would return to Guatemala to serve with a team once they planted a church in the states. A few years later, in March 2018, Harvest Bible Chapel Reading was launched.

The strong partnership between AMG Guatemala, Las Vistas Child and Youth Development Center, and Harvest Bible Chapel Reading is an example of what can occur when one individual shares the heart of God with another.

In January 2019, Harvest began its “Boots on the Ground” ministry. A sponsorship plan began to form within Harvest, and families started sponsoring children attending the Las Vistas Child and Youth Development Center.

A vision team from Harvest was sent in October 2019 to gain a thorough understanding of AMG Guatemala’s mission and the needs of Las Vistas. God moved mightily in the hearts of the team members who returned to share what they learned with their church. Those on the team shared about the similarities of their church’s surrounding community to those served by AMG Guatemala. 

In 2017, the population of Reading was 64.7 percent Hispanic/Latino, making it the third neediest city in Pennsylvania. These statistics led the church to ask, “How can we at Harvest reach the city of Reading and serve in Guatemala when language barriers and the cycle of poverty cloud our views of effectiveness?” As time unfolded, God’s plans came to light. He placed two Spanish speaking elders at Harvest who helped lead the way in advancing the ministry of the church and of the center.

If you would like to know more about how your church can partner with AMG International and adopt a child and youth development

Emily and Adam Dodson and their daughter, Haylee Edwards with their sponsored child, Veronica

center, reach out to us at

“God is calling us first to love Him with all our heart, soul, and mind and to pour out that love toward others. Our prayer is to have a heart and mind set on Him and to give Him all the glory that is due.”                                              

– Emily Dodson, a member of Harvest Reading who was a part of the vision team sent in 2019.