Aisha Kisakyamukama

Suggested Donation: $32.00 / month

Age: 5 years old
Gender: Girl
Country: Uganda
Center: Igamba

Suggested Donation: $32.00

Due every month

Aisha Ukama is a smart young girl living in Uganda with her mother and two siblings. She dreams of being a teacher and enjoys math, however, since her father abandoned the family, her mother is unable to pay for the children’s school fees. It is unlikely Aisha will receive an education with a sponsor. She desperately needs a sponsor so that she can attend the center for free and receive an education and biblical teaching. She will also receive medical attention and nutritious meals, which are desperately needed in Uganda. Most importantly, at the center, she will learn about her loving father in heaven who will never abandon her. Thank you for changing this young girl’s life.

Igamba Child Development Center

The Igamba Child Development Center works alongside a local church to reach children with the Gospel of Christ. Staff help develop children through life skills training, medical services, nutritious meals, and guidance. School fees are also provided so that children can get a quality education. Staff visit the children’s families to minister and pray with them. Lastly, children learn about Jesus Christ through the Bible studies and devotions that take place at the center.

Uganda is a landlocked country in Africa. The majority of the population is Christian and there are a large number of Muslims. Witchcraft and animism are still believed and practiced in certain areas as well. Poverty is rampant throughout the country as well as a lack of education. Sickness and disease are prevalent and many lack the means to receive medical treatment. Often children suffer from malnutrition. Many struggle with drug use and alcoholism. It’s common for families to be torn apart due to divorce and separation.