Aldrin V. Umayam

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Aldrin is an active and friendly boy who lives with his grandmother in the Philippines. Aldrin’s father passed away, and soon after, his mother left the country to find work. Now, his grandmother takes care of him. Aldrin’s grandmother is unable to work, so their income is solely from what his mother sends them. This amount is not enough to buy proper food for Aldrin, his grandmother, and his six older siblings. Aldrin is the youngest of all his siblings, and his only prayer is to get an education. Aldrin loves to play with other kids, but due to his malnourishment, he is unable to participate in a lot of the activities. Sponsoring Aldrin would be a tremendous blessing to him and his hard-working mother. By sponsoring Aldrin, you would be giving him access to a proper diet, schooling, and most importantly, guidance and support in his walk with Christ.