Serves with AMG International in a High-Risk area.

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Some of AMG’s national leaders live and minister in areas where Christians are at risk. To avoid jeopardizing their safety and security, the identities have been obscured in online material.

A.M. is a pastor living and serving in a high-risk area of Asia. He grew up in a bad area and at a young age started using drugs and gambling. During this time, A.M. got married and had three kids. His house was full of conflict and there was no peace at all. A.M. wanted to stop using drugs but was so addicted he was incapable of quitting. One day, a pastor knocked on A.M.’s door. A.M. thought it was the police coming to arrest him and he ran away. The pastor came back, however, and taught his family about Christ’s love. The Word of God began to change A.M. and he eventually gave his life to Christ. That same pastor saw potential in A.M. and encouraged him to go to a Bible school. A.M. graduated and has now been sharing his faith with nearby communities for over a decade. His vision is to share Christ’s love to the hopeless, specifically those suffering from addiction. Thank you for partnering with this pastor as he transforms lives through Christ, just as his own life was transformed.