Bryle Xahjie Ymana Lopez

Suggested Donation: $32.00 / month

Age: 4 years old
Gender: Boy
Country: Philippines
Center: Mount Moriah

 every month

Bryle is a kind boy who lives with his entire family in a single room in his grandfather’s house in the Philippines. The house is messy and unhygienic. It is made of plywood and tin, and will likely not be able to withstand the harsh weather of the Philippines. Bryle’s grandfather and uncle are both alcoholics and they do not treat the family well. Unemployment is extremely high in this area, and Bryle’s family suffers from a lack of education. Bryle still finds joy despite his circumstances. He loves coloring, playing with toys, and watching cartoons. Through your giving, Bryle will be able to reach his full potential. He will be fed nutritious meals, receive an education, and learn about his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Thank you for transforming this young boy’s life.

Mount Moriah Child Development Center

The Mount Moriah Child Development Center is greatly impacting children and their families for Christ. Nutritious food, medicine, educational assistance, school uniforms and supplies are given to the children at the center. The center staff show the love of God to the children under their care by helping them with homework, providing life skills training, and encouraging them in their faith. Through regular Bible studies, devotions and Sunday School the children are hearing the Gospel and their lives are being touched by the Word of God.


The Philippines is a country that consists of over 7,000 islands in Southeast Asia. It has many active volcanoes and its location and torrential rainfall means that several areas are prone to flooding, typhoons and cyclones. The majority of the population is Roman Catholic, but some people are superstitious and still practice animism. Poverty, alcoholism and widespread drug use plagues their communities. This has led to broken families and abandoned children. There are few consistent job opportunities as well, making it difficult for parents to provide for their families.

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