Chaichai Wang Marma

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Chaichai is a beautiful little girl. Her favorite activity is playing indoor games with her friends. Her father works very hard as a day laborer in slash and burn agriculture. They produce rice and vegetables so they can sell them in the market. In recent years, their production has decreased substantially. This affects their family well-being because they can not afford food, clothes and education for their children. They live in the dark forest area where there is no indoor plumbing or electricity. Their two-room house is made of bamboo with a leaf and straw covering. There is no furniture and they use their clothes for bedding. Meals are prepared by an open fireplace. Thank you for supporting Chaichai and investing in her life. At the childcare center, she will receive nutritious meals, medical care, tutoring, and spiritual guidance. Now, she has the opportunity to grow into a mature servant of Jesus Christ. May God bless you.