Cresencio Ian Evander Mayén Rosales

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Cresencio is a young boy who comes from a very poor family in Guatemala. He is a good student and his favorite subject is Math. He enjoys swimming and cycling and he also likes to play with his friends and siblings. Cresencio hopes to be a policeman one day. Gresencio’s parents are separated, and his father recently filed for divorce from his mother because he wants to marry someone else and have a new family. Cresencio has not seen his father in two years. Since his father has left, he has not been eating well and has been suffering emotionally. Cresencio lives in a rented house built with block walls, tin roofing, and dirt floor. As the eldest child, Cresencio takes care of his younger siblings when his mother is working. The family lives far from the closest AMG youth development center and Cresencio travels by bus for about thirty minutes to attend our local program. God can use you to change the life and the future of this struggling boy.