Crístel Mayté Miranda Perez

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Age: 10 years old
Gender: Girl
Country: Guatemala

Cristel loves her 3 siblings. She lives with her parents, 2 brothers and 1 sister.  She walks approximately 15 minutes to school every day. Her favorite subject is math and athletics. She dreams of becoming a teacher and being able to help kids to learn. Cristel lives in a rented house made out of concrete blocks. The neighborhood that they live in is very dangerous. Many young people are involved in gangs and robberies and extortions are a common thing there. Her mother is a stay-at-home mom but she is looking for a job and her dad is a pedler. His salary is not enough to provide for the families’ needs and expenses. Cristel has great dreams for her life, and you could help bring those dreams to fruition. Thank you for caring enough to sponsor Cristel.

Guatemala is the most populated country in Central America. The majority religion is Christianity and is primarily Roman Catholic. Families in Guatemala suffer from many difficult circumstances such as drug use, alcoholism, physical violence, broken homes, and malnourishment. Often children are forced to begin working at an early age. Many families are extremely poor, live in small dilapidated homes and don’t make enough to provide for their physical needs.