Serves with AMG International in a High Risk Area

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Some of AMG’s national leaders live and minister in areas where Christians are at risk. To prevent jeopardizing their safety and security, their identities have been obscured. 

Pastor D.G. shares, “One day a group of evangelists came to my village and conducted Gospel Meetings. One of the Evangelists was preaching about Salvation. The message convicted me and satisfied me. Three years later both my wife and I took Baptism. I am the first person saved in my village. So there was a burning zeal to win the souls of my own people for His glory. Pastor D.G. went to Bible school and today he and his wife work hard and faithfully. He states that his vision for ministry is ” to fulfill His will on this earth.” Pastor D.G.’s wife is deeply involved in teaching and ministering to many women and children. Through your support, AMG is able to help provide evangelists like D.G. with the resources required to meet the practical needs of their families and obtain tools that will help them spread the good news of Jesus.

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