Dios es Amor School Van

It will take $17,000 to purchase a used 15-passenger van to safely transport children, staff, teachers and volunteers to and from Dios es Amor School in Puebla, Mexico.

Suggested Donation: $50.00

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José was born a healthy baby. But, a year or so later, life changed in an instant for him and his family. When José was a toddler, he fell down a flight of stairs resulting in minor brain damage and total hearing loss. As a result, he had difficulty communicating with others. Growing struggles and mounting frustration, around not being able to hear or be understood, led José to become an angry little boy. That remarkably changed when he began learning sign language and enrolled in the AMG supported school in Puebla, Mexico.

Dios es Amor School is the only AMG International partner ministry whose sole focus is on caring for, serving, educating, and ministering to special needs children. Most of the students at the school come from disadvantaged backgrounds that include severe poverty and less than ideal home environments. On top of that, families are not prepared to care fully for their special needs children, and the public-school system in Puebla seems ill equipped to accommodate and educate students struggling with disabilities.

Similarly, we have found that rising education and transportation costs create additional barriers for special-needs children wanting to go to school, as several families elect to keep their children inside the home. For many of their students, Dios es Amos is the only school they have ever had an opportunity to attend. It should be noted that their teachers are all volunteers and their students attend school free of charge thanks to the support of faithful donors like you.

Dios es Amor is more than a school – it’s a ministry run by compassionate believers who feel called to care for, love and educate students with special needs. The school’s founders and current administrators, Manuel and Ruth Lopez, opened Dios es Amor, translated “God is Love,” in 2006. Their passion for starting the school was directly fueled by the love they share for Jesus and the gratitude they have for His sacrifice on the cross. As such, their faith compels them to share God’s love with those suffering from disabilities by providing them a free, high-quality education.

Each of our special-needs students are challenged in various ways, but they enjoy studying subjects taught at their own pace and learning level. More importantly, they benefit from a daily Bible lesson, which helps them trust the Lord to walk with them through their everyday challenges. Ruth shares, “It has been my privilege to disciple graduates like José through Bible instruction and mentoring. Many have become vibrant Christians who desire to follow Jesus’ example in their daily life, both at home and at school. José’s life was changed by learning to communicate through sign language, but his life was transformed through personal discipleship based on God’s Word.” José graduated from Dios es Amor last summer, and according to Ruth, “he is a faithful young man who loves the Lord and desires to please Him in his everyday life.”

Dios es Amor provides students a safe and loving environment where they can learn biblical truths, gain a basic education, receive physical therapy, and in some cases even learn a trade. The Lopezes initially opened their small school by serving a handful of deaf students. Over the years the school has expanded its enrollment to include students having a variety of special needs. Together, we lovingly educate students who are deaf and blind, along with those suffering from cerebral palsy, brain damage, Down Syndrome, and autism.

Dios es Amor School is in need of a used 15-passanger van to replace its previous vehicle, a 1998 Club Wagon, that is beyond repair. The van will help meet the ever-growing transportation needs of the school and its students. The total cost for purchasing a used Chevrolet Express is $17,000. Up to this point, $6,550 has been received leaving $10,455 to be raised from faithful partners like you. Would you consider making a generous gift that will directly help special-needs children in Mexico?

This much-needed van will be used to transport students to and from school, and to fieldtrips and other outings. We have ten more students who want to attend Dios es Amor School, but they have no way to get to campus without transportation being provided. The replacement van, for which we are seeking support, will meet this need. Would you join us my making a gift today? Thank you so much for your partnership! Together, we can minister to and educate even more special-needs students, while pointing them to Jesus.

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