Donald Orlando Jayro Ejcalon Gomez

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Age: 10 years old
Gender: Boy
Country: Guatemala

Donald is a curious little boy who lives in Guatemala. His parents are Evangelical Christians and his father is a pastor in the village. His mother works as a maid to help the family financially. Unfortunately, they struggle to provide basic necessities for their children. They desire Donald to come to the childcare center so that he can grow spiritually, mentally, and physically. Donald and his parent live in a small house made of block walls, tin roofing and cement floor with four other relatives. All meals are cooked using firewood. Your sponsorship will be a blessing to Donald and his family. At the childcare center he will receive nutritious meals, clothing, a good education, and most importantly, he will learn about God’s love for all people. Thank you for offering this young boy hope towards a bright future in Christ!

Guatemala is the most populated country in Central America. The majority religion is Christianity and is primarily Roman Catholic. Families in Guatemala suffer from many difficult circumstances such as drug use, alcoholism, physical violence, broken homes, and malnourishment. Often children are forced to begin working at an early age. Many families are extremely poor, live in small dilapidated homes and don’t make enough to provide for their physical needs.