Elang Diputra

Monthly Sponsorship

Gender: Boy

Birthdate: 12/6/2013

Country: Indonesia

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Elang is a little boy in kindergarten. He lives with his mother and father in a three-room brick home that has running water and electricity. Elang’s father earns a minimal wage, but the family is quite poor and lacks many necessities. Elang likes to play soccer, and says that he would like to become a soldier one day. Your sponsorship will be a great blessing to Elang and his family. Thank you!

Indonesia is a predominately Muslim country in Southeast Asia. Many work as farmers, but due to the uncertain climate it’s difficult for them to maintain their crops. Other common occupations include construction workers, freelancers, and house cleaners. Many of the families are poor and do not have the funds to pay for medical treatment. Multiple families have to live together in the same house a lot of the time. Many parents lack a formal education and get married young. Domestic violence is also prominent and husbands are prone to leave their families.