Kuldip Jyothi

Suggested Donation: $20.00

Age: 6 years old
Gender: Girl
Country: India

Kuldip Jyothi was born in 2013 but her father later deserted the family and married another woman. Kuldip is an only child and her mother works as a supervisor at a local business and earns very little. Kuldip is helped and encouraged by being able to attend the AMG India Visakhapatnam Child Development Center. Here, she receives love and care and is provided an atmosphere of encouragement as she is exposed to the Gospel and prayer twice daily. The staff wants her to know that there is a Savior that will never leave her or forsake her. Please pray for Kuldip and her mother and consider the impact and encouragement you can be by becoming her sponsor.


India is a large country in South Asia. The majority of the population follows Hinduism and Islam, but there are many Christians as well. Many residents are very poor and suffer from diseases such as HIV/AIDS and leprosy. Alcoholism is prevalent and children often come from broken families due to divorce. India sometimes experiences droughts and intense heat making the need for clean water very important. The caste system was technically abolished, but its remnants still affect many in society today.