Serves with AMG International in a High Risk Area

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P.G. belongs to a community that is considered an elite group. For some time he suffered from epilepsy and was unable to find medical help. One day he attended a Gospel meeting in his village and heard a message from Romans 10:17. It was then that he learned the meaning of ‘faith’.  He continued growing in the Christian faith, studied the teachings of Jesus, and was eventually healed from epilepsy.

Soon, P.G. began sharing his testimony during Gospel meetings. One day he had a vision that he was to serve full-time in the Lord’s Service. He then built a prayer hall where 400 members gather each Sunday for worship. Isn’t that amazing?

P.G. and his wife are now engaged in street and personal evangelism as well as tract distribution.  They also offer prayer meetings in several locations.

Thank you for thoughtfully considering supporting this couple in their ministry efforts. Together, we can restore more lives in Jesus’ name.

Some of AMG’s National Leaders live and minister in areas where Christians are at risk. In order to not jeopardize their safety and security, the identities have been obscured.