Serves with AMG International in a High-Risk area.

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Some of AMG’s national leaders live and minister in areas where Christians are at risk. To avoid jeopardizing their safety and security, the identities have been obscured in online material.

S.A. is a young pastor living and serving in a high-risk area of Asia. He was born into a Christian family, and his father was a pastor. S.A. played the drums in the church band ever since he was eight years old and was always active in church activities. Being born into a Christian family has its own set of difficulties. Although S.A. avoided many childhood difficulties because his household exemplified Christ’s love, the surrounding community strongly looked down upon Christians. Undeterred, S.A. continued to pursue Christ and went to Bible school. Now, he is one of the youngest pastors in the area and hopes to bring the gospel to as many children and youth as he can. Thank you for supporting this young pastor and his growing ministry.