Waratcharamon Akkara

This young girl’s parents lease hillside government owned land in Thailand and attempt to grow corn and rice. Inclement weather for a number of years has prevented them from having an abundant crop to sell so they are constantly in debt. Waratcharamon and her parents and her one brother live in a one story house built of wood and brick. The society in which they live does not promote change and the people are burdened by an atmosphere of gang activity, drug use, and other crime. With support this young girl will be able to receive educational opportunities, adequate healthcare, and attend Bible studies at the childcare center. She is patient, joyful and obedient. One day she may be able to realize her dream of becoming a nurse.

Thailand is a predominantly Buddhist country, and many people also believe in the spiritual realm. Children from poor families go to state-run schools where teaching is sub-standard. Their parents normally have little education and cannot be relied upon to help them.  School children seldom reach the ninth grade and most end up working in family farms. Since the people have very low or no education, they lack basic knowledge of life skills like personal hygiene, household management, family planning and balancing budgets.