Food Relief

Help families in need who

have been impacted by COVID-19.



  • In 2020 food insecurity DOUBLED worldwide.
  • An additional 130 million will be without sufficient food (more than double last year).
  • Unemployment has risen drastically due to COVID-19.
  • AMG International intends to feed 100,000 children and adults this year.
  • In Guatemala alone, AMG has sent more than 50,000 food and hygiene packs.
  • AMG is also sending relief to hundreds of pastors and their families.

WORLD HUNGER is on the rise, especially now with the global impact of COVID-19.

What’s in the box?

An approximate list — items will vary according to country and culture


2 bottles of oil (800 ml ea.)

1  lb butter or margarine

4 lb black beans

2 lb sugar

3 lb rice

1 nutrition concentrate drink

1 bag (or container)   salt

1 kilo corn meal

1 bag corn flour

4 packages spaghetti (80g ea.)

2 boxes dried soup mix

4 masks

1 bottle liquid soap

Inspire Hope.

Change a Future. 

A little more than $1 a day makes all the difference in the life of a child in need. 

One child every ten seconds

dies from a preventable disease.


million children

receive no more than an elementary education.

30,000 children

were fed, loved, and ministered to in AMG programs.

5,000 children

made a decision to follow Jesus Christ.

You Can Provide:

Multiple opportunities to hear and respond to the gospel

Nutritious food, healthcare assistance, athletic opportunities and safe environments in which to grow

Education leading to responsible, independent, self-disciplined and creative problem-solvers

Loving discipleship that leads to discovering their identity in Christ, their worth and their purpose.

We are AMG International.

AMG International is a gospel-first global ministry that meets people’s deepest needs — spiritual and physical — while

Inspiring Hope

Our greatest desire is to inspire hope in people as their deepest spiritual and physical needs are being met. When children are fed, educated and enjoying good health, families can envision a brighter, hope-filled future.

Restoring Lives

We are intentional about how we work, and we pursue solutions that lead to genuine restoration. Everything we do is designed to demonstrate the love of Christ to people in need, while gently guiding them into relationship with the Savior. We consider the root issues, not merely the symptoms.

Transforming Communities

Pastors and church leaders receive training, children’s nutrition and medical needs are met, communities are rebuilt, churches are planted, the sick are cared for, the gospel is shared, and parents learn to care for and protect their children.

Your Impact in Motion

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