Larry and Mary Lowery have been serving as AMG missionaries in northern Italy for 26 years. In the last two and a half decades they have ministered in three different churches serving in various roles. They are currently serving in a church, which has roots dating back to the Protestant Reformation, that is still actively reaching out to their community. The church also has a small chapel, about 40 miles away, that ministers to tourists. The church the Lowerys serve also operates a small Italian speaking church in Switzerland.

Mary serving in worship

The church hosts several community events including concerts, debates, and book fairs, and the congregation prints their own tracts to hand out at these events to help promote gospel conversations. The pastor of the church, Pastor Ribet, shares a short weekly devotion on a local television program that regularly reaches more than 1,000 people.

The Lowerys say the church has been steadily growing due to the congregation’s willingness to witness to their family and friends. He says, “We are encouraged about what the future holds for our church, little by little we

Their congregation

are gaining recognition and respect in the surrounding communities. This leads to greater opportunities for us to proclaim the gospel throughout our city, while enabling us to become a point of reference for those seeking spiritual help. Please pray for us as we continue to proclaim the gospel in Aosta and the surrounding area.”

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