Note: Bundles of Love are special gifts given to children, national leaders and leprosy sufferers under AMG International’s care every Christmas.

Can you recall a time when you gave a special gift to someone, and immediately saw his or her face light up with surprise and gratitude, followed by tears of happiness? Chances are your joy may have been even greater than that of the person receiving your gift, particularly if the gift was something greatly needed by its recipient.

Our staff, along with Mission Adventure participants, experience that same joy each year as they distribute precious gifts called Bundles of Love to every boy, girl, leprosy sufferer, and national leader served by our ministry. These gifts – at a cost of $20 each – help meet both the physical and emotional needs of the recipients. And, they are made possible by faithful supporters like you.

Bundles of Love gift bags may contain educational materials and articles of clothing, like shoes, for children in need. For some, this is the only new pair of shoes they will receive for the entire year. The gift bag may also contain a Bible, if the child doesn’t yet have one. For leprosy sufferers their gift may include a blanket or other item they need.

And, each Bundle of Love comes with the certain message that the individual receiving it is cared for and prayed for. It’s a tangible expression of Christ’s love for them, which is such an encouragement to the recipients.

And yet, it’s not only the needy individuals receiving the Bundles of Love that are impacted; it can be an entire community. Bundles of Love distributions take place in celebrations to which family members, local leaders, and members of the community are invited. During these celebrations the message of the Gospel is clearly presented, and people who might not otherwise hear it are reached with the Good News. Every year these Bundles of Love celebrations take place in Hindu, Muslim, and Buddhist communities. As a result, people respond to the message of hope, love, and salvation that is found in Jesus. And, you play a key role in that.

Bundles of Love bring joy to the people who receive them, to our staff and volunteers who distribute them, and also to the faithful donors who make them possible. It is a gift that has an impact in people’s daily lives, and one that also proclaims the eternal message of Christ’s love and the Good News of salvation.

Once again, with your help, Bundles of Love will be distributed to thousands under our care this December. Will you consider partnering with us to make this precious gift possible for one or more individuals in need? In doing so, you will be displaying the love of Christ to others.

With much gratitude,

Tasos Ioannidis