Daowpawan Wattanatrakulwong was born into a Hmong hill tribe in Northern Thailand close to the Laos border. Her parents are farmers, however, like most farmers in the region, they are very poor. Even though her parents worked hard every day, they struggled to provide for even the basic needs of Daowpawan and her three siblings.

She started going to a school in a neighboring village in the mountains. She walked the long distance daily, even when the rain would make the trek more like a mud slide than a road.

Daowpawan was later sent to live at the New Hope Child Development Center for schooling during her 5th grade year. New Hope helps children develop in a holistic manner. Practical skills like cooking, gardening and animal-raising are taught to hostel students. But most importantly, the children are taught Scripture on a weekly basis, and also learn about God through Bible camps held each year.

Daowpawan’s tribe has a very shy culture, and many children from her village have low self-esteem, including Daowpawan. However, the staff at New Hope encouraged her and taught her to work past her insecurities, and now she shares in their group Bible studies, sings in special choirs, and has many friends at the hostel.

She says, “If I had not been accepted as a student at New Hope, I would have never had the opportunity to study and receive a good education. My early childhood memories are filled with struggles, emotional and physical, and without AMG I would have never come to know Jesus as my personal Savior.”

Daowpawan is now able to attend high school because of the support she receives from AMG, and she has a dream of becoming a nurse. She has a heart to go back to her home village in the mountains to serve the Hmong people. Language is a huge barrier for them, and they struggle to communicate with doctors describing their illness, making it even harder to treat them. Daowpawan wants to help translate for her people, as well as take care of them while they recover. She also wants to help support her family financially to help her parents as they get older.

To continue in high school, Daowpawan is in need of a second sponsor. Would you prayerfully consider coming alongside her? For more information on how to sponsor Daowpawan, or other children in need, visit amgkids.org.