“This program kept us alive in Jesus Christ…”

Understanding New Life in Christ is a radio program in Uganda that airs every Sunday morning. Each week, 10 million people listen to shows dedicated to teaching about salvation, the Christian walk, forgiveness, marriage guidance, and real-life situations Ugandan Christians are facing.

AMG Uganda National Director Dr. Reuben Musiime started this radio ministry 21 years ago after a tragedy took over lives. A cult leader had convinced his following to secretly sell all of their belongings and give the money to him. He then doused the congregation in gasoline and set them ablaze, promising them that was the way to eternal life.

Reuben was heartbroken, and he worked to figure out why so many people had fallen victim to this false gospel. He felt through God’s guidance that these people were searching for God’s truth but landed in the wrong hands. The prosperity gospel is extremely prominent in Uganda, and many people are looking for a quick way out of the cycle of poverty they are trapped in.

This inspired Reuben to bring the truth of the gospel to his country with the intent of walking hand in hand with the body of Christ while battling the spiritual darkness that surrounds them.

Michael and Rosette Tumwebaze have been faithful listeners for 15 years. They shared that this program has been a building block in their walks with the Lord, their marriage, and their family. “The program always reminds us to think carefully before making decisions and first ask ourselves what God wants from us. Listening to different teachings every Sunday morning has become a great source of spiritual nourishment.”

In the past year, the radio program has become even more essential as churches in the country were closed for COVID-19 restrictions. The program stayed true to its purpose, sharing with believers how to stand firm in the face of the uncertainty caused by the coronavirus and encouraged them with the love of Christ.

Reuben and Michael want to express their gratitude to our prayer partners and financial supporters who have kept this program on the air and brought the gospel in a language they can easily understand.