AMG International has a long history of using media as an effective form of evangelism in countries and cultures that are not very open to the gospel. We have used newspaper ads, radio programs, and internet ads to reach thousands of people, and recently social media has opened up even more doors to connect with those searching for the Truth.

Robert and Micheline Dfouni

Robert Dfouni and his wife, Micheline, run a Facebook page called Yom Jdid (New Day) as a part of their ministry in Lebanon. The page creates a space for Muslims, atheists, and people of other religions to have a safe place to ask questions. The page has more than 1,300 likes, and reaches 10,000 people. More than 350 people have personally reached out through the page asking questions and responding to posts, and the online community is growing steadily. Our national leaders do not respond directly to comments on the site, but rather privately message each individual for safety reasons. Many of the messages lead to in-person meetings where the gospel is presented. The majority of their correspondents come from young Muslim men who are seeking the Truth. One of the struggles Robert faces is even when these young men are convinced that the Bible is the Word of God and that Jesus is the Son of God, they say they will not leave their religion because it would disgrace their families.

Last year a man reached out through the Facebook page asking to meet with Robert. He lives in northern Lebanon and serves in the army. Robert was able to meet and talk with him about Christ. The man had an open heart to the gospel, and Robert encouraged him to read the Bible.

The man recently asked Robert, “How can I repent?” This AMG national leader was able to help the man pray to receive Christ! When following up with the soldier, Robert asked him how he was doing. “I thank the Lord Jesus,” was his response. For an ex-Muslim to say, “Jesus is Lord” is not ordinary, as it is ingrained in them to despise those words.

Sample of a gospel ad which says, “Who takes care of you?”

We are all praising the Lord for this man’s decision to follow Christ, but he is in need of prayer. He has a desire to attend a church in Beirut to avoid potential problems associated with participating in the local church. However, the ongoing protests that have plagued Lebanon since October of 2019 have closed many roads, making it difficult for him to make the journey when he is off duty.

This soldier’s story is one of many examples of how media evangelism via social media has opened the door for personal relationships to grow. Robert says that while many people who start a conversation through their social media page want to argue, he still meets with them to work the soil of their hearts.

Please pray for Robert, Micheline, and others faithfully involved in this ministry in Lebanon. If you would like to learn more about our media evangelism ministries, you can visit

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