In the last couple of days, I have been asked where AMG stands in regard to all the tragic circumstances surrounding the death of George Floyd and the events that have followed. This includes the protests that clearly have been fueled by the deep pain that has been felt for a very long time by our minority brothers and sisters. It also includes, unfortunately, the instances of looting and rioting which are unacceptable and saddening as well.

It has truly been heartbreaking and horrifying to see how George Floyd was killed, and as a result we have been filled with righteous anger. It should be clear to all at this point that there has been systemic oppression in this country and we, as Christians, need to grieve over that. We also need to consider our role and what we need to do to remedy this unacceptable condition.

While AMG’s focus is outside the United States, from our very founding 78 years ago we have always strived to make the gospel and the love of Christ known in word and in practical ways. Likewise, we have always fought for justice and opportunity for the least in any society in the name of Christ. That is what Jesus did in His time and that is the example we have always followed.

Every person, without exception, is made in the image of God, and regardless of their present circumstances, we always want to see them as fully restored image-bearers of God. Jesus and His redeeming work in the world are the only things that can truly do that. They are what can change people’s hearts and bring true justice and mercy. Our God is a God of justice and a God of mercy, both of which are reflected in Jesus’ death on the cross, and it is His work that makes authentic change in people’s hearts possible. This is the only lasting solution to racial or any other kind of discrimination and injustice.

That is clearly what we believe as an organization and what we strive for, wherever God places us and gives us the opportunity to act.

Tasos Ioannidis