Ecclesiastes tells us that there is a “time for every purpose.”

When she was a young telex operator on Wall Street, 19-year old Joan Wassel started serving as a volunteer for the newly established American Mission to the Greeks (decades later to be renamed Advancing the Ministries of the Gospel – AMG International ). A few weeks before her twentieth birthday, she married Spiros Zodhiates. Dr. Zodhiates used to say while laughing, “She not only volunteered in the office, but she also donated money to help meet our expenses. How could I do anything else but marry her?”

She served as a volunteer for the organization her whole working life, never accepting a salary for her work even during those difficult years for the organization following WWII. The AMG International office operated out of the Zodhiates home for ten years in the 1950s and ‘60s. While raising four young children, Joan greeted and hosted countless Christian workers and guests. Many were unannounced immigrants from Greece who came “to stay for a few days,” but she helped them feel at home their entire stay.

For decades the mission statement of AMG was, “…to allow everyone to hear and respond to a clear presentation of the gospel.”

Dr. Zodhiates and Mrs. Z, as they were fondly known, worked, and sacrificed throughout their lives to allow everyone to hear and understand the gospel. Early on, Dr. Zodhiates realized that radio and printed media would be strategic in presenting the gospel. 

After initiating this ministry in the 1950s, AMG radio broadcast programs expanded to reach several countries around the world. AMG operates a radio station in Cyprus, continues partnering with Transworld Radio and Far East Broadcasting Company, as well as purchasing airtime in places like Uganda and Indonesia.   

Long before the Internet, ads were purchased by AMG in secular magazines and newspapers to present biblical truth and ultimately to present the gospel. Over the years, millions have been touched by these advertisements, and tens of thousands have responded and engaged in Bible studies through the mail. It is with that same desire that we continue to utilize media evangelism in reaching people through our AMG websites in many of our partner countries and through social media broadcasts.