You Can Provide:

Multiple opportunities to hear and respond to the gospel

Nutritious food, healthcare assistance, athletic opportunities and safe environments in which to grow

Education leading to responsible, independent, self-disciplined and creative problem-solvers

Loving discipleship that leads to discovering their identity in Christ, their worth and their purpose.

You Will Receive:

A welcome guide, Bundles of Love Bank, two letters from your sponsored child each year, a photo each year as they grow, online access to write to your sponsored child, and more!

The Success Your Sponsorship Can Have In The Life Of A Child

Child Sponsorship FAQs

Below are the most common questions we receive about child sponsorships. If you have additional questions, please call us at 1-800-251-7206, ext. 421.

Why should I sponsor a child through AMG International?

By sponsoring a child in need through AMG International, you will oftentimes be providing him or her with daily meals, clothes and a sound education, along with the opportunity to know God and have a personal relationship with Him. In short, you will be giving your sponsored child hope for a brighter tomorrow.

What is involved in sponsoring a child?

Child sponsorship includes prayer and financial support for your child. You will also receive two letters a year from your child, and we encourage you to respond! You can encourage and invest in their life while watching them grow physically and spiritually. 

Can I write letters to my child?

Yes! We encourage you to write to your child. The letters will help build a valuable relationship that your child will always remember. Usually twice a year, your child will write to you.

How can I write to my child?

You can write a letter and mail it to AMG International, or you can create an online account and write to your child, as well as your child’s development center, from your account page. (Please note that all communications to and from donors come to the home office for processing. No direct communication with the child is permitted for the security and safety of children, donors and field staff.)

Can I send my child extra gifts for Christmas and birthdays?

Yes! We receive gifts for sponsored children, from toys to books to clothing. However, keep in mind that once shipping, duties and other expenses are included, even something as small as a box of crayons and a coloring book could cost over $50 to send to the field!

If you plan to give a special gift:

  1. Consider a financial gift. This allows the staff from the child development center to first consult with the child and their family about needs or wants and to purchase a gift locally. Please feel free to express any preferences you have regarding the item(s) to be purchased. Giving in this way is a double blessing—you’ll be getting your gift into your child’s hands faster and saving valuable ministry resources! Remember, you can give online and express your wishes from your online account.
  2. Before sending a physical gift, please contact AMG International’s office staff to determine the feasibility and cost of delivery. Gifts can be transferred to some countries more easily than others.
How much is appropriate to give my child for special gifts, Christmas and birthdays?

We recommend a minimum of $15, with most gifts ranging from $25-$50. Please do not exceed $100 for any single gift. If you have a unique situation, you may contact the sponsorship department at 1-800-251-7206 and a staff member will discuss this with you.

Can I give more to improve my child's living conditions?

AMG International’s mission is to advance the Gospel with compassion, which means our child sponsorship program aims to recognize children’s needs and respond purposefully in ways that will be helpful. Our child development centers are designed to impact a child mentally, physically, emotionally and, most of all, spiritually. This means the sponsorship program provides children with nutrition, medical care, personal development, Bible study and spiritual training. AMG International does not facilitate the building of homes or major lifestyle changes for families connected to AMG International. This type of involvement from outside sources often creates serious problems for the family and their local community.

How will my sponsored child benefit from my support?

Children under the care of AMG International receive a hot, nutritious meal and a snack each day, along with educational opportunities, tutoring, or access to medical care, if needed. Child development center staff members encourage children to take advantage of opportunities to learn new skills. Children are given new clothes and shoes once or twice a year. Each child is given a clear presentation of the Gospel, with the hope that they will become a Christian and reach his or her world for Christ.

How much of my sponsorship funds go to my child?

AMG International has discovered that pooling sponsorship funds maximizes the benefits for each child, giving them access to more services than any single sponsorship could provide. Your sponsorship dollars are combined with those of your fellow sponsors so that every child receives uninterrupted care even if a sponsor misses sending their sponsorship donation on any given month. Your faithful giving and that of every sponsor will ensure the maximum benefits for your child as well as for all the children in the child sponsorship program.

What happens if I need to discontinue my sponsorship?

We understand that circumstances change and it may sometimes be necessary for you to discontinue your sponsorship. In this situation, notify us and we will begin looking for another sponsor for your child.

How long should my sponsorship last?

Most of the children served by AMG International’s sponsorship program rely on sponsorship support for their well-being, which is why we ask our sponsors for a commitment of at least one year. However, we understand that this may not always be possible. When a sponsorship lapses or is discontinued, AMG International will seek out another sponsor rather than discontinue or interrupt the care for that child. Sponsors wishing to extend their relationship with a sponsored child beyond age 18 may do so if the child continues their affiliation with AMG International either as a college student or National Leader.

Can I meet my sponsored child?

AMG International sponsors short-term mission trips around the world. Frequently, we will go to countries where childcare centers are located. When we go to the country where your child lives, we encourage you to participate in that trip. Short-term trips are a great way to share the love of Jesus and meet your sponsored child face-to-face. Please call us at 1-800-251-7206, ext. 421, to find out if we have plans to send a short-term mission team to your sponsored child’s youth development center in the near future. We would love to have you join us.

What countries can I choose a child from?

Currently AMG International is providing childcare to children in Bangladesh, Colombia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Indonesia, Myanmar, Peru, the Philippines, Thailand and Uganda.

How do I sponsor a child?

If you are ready to sponsor a child now, write, call, or click here to select a particular child. Or, if you would like us to assign you the child in greatest need, simply write to or call us. As soon as we receive your first donation of $32, we will send you a photograph, a biography and family information about your child. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor but have more questions, click here to email your questions or call 1-800-251-7206, ext. 421 and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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