200 faces. 400 eyes. 200 noses. 400 hands. 200 futures. 

AMG International is hosting our inaugural “Day of Sharing | Inspire Hope. Change a Future.” festival on October 5, 2019. Our goal is to provide sponsorship to 200 kids in need.

We will have stations set up with opportunities and all you need to know about sponsoring a child in need through our sponsorship program. The event will also feature a live remote with J103, free lunch, a petting zoo, a pumpkin patch supporting our Bundles of Love program, and more.

If you don’t live close to our home office you can still participate! Visit amgkids.org to sponsor a child in need today. Help us reach our goal as together we prepare more children for a brighter tomorrow.

Through our child sponsorship program, we are committed to building a “Bridge to Life” to safely carry children over the rivers of poverty and brokenness that have trapped their families for generations. Our holistic approach puts the Gospel front and center, as AMG International national leaders share the love of Christ through word and deed. In short, we equip children to live productive lives, provide hope for a better tomorrow, train up future leaders of the faith and strengthen the local church. In the process, we also provide much-needed support for their families.

Our child sponsorship program addresses the following areas:

Physical care | This includes providing a safe environment for children to learn and be mentored. Basic nutrition and medical needs are addressed, as well as room and board for children who have no home or have no school in their village.

Intellectual care | Children have opportunities to learn arts, crafts and musical instruments through AMG International’s child development centers. They also receive tutoring, vocational training and scholarships.

Spiritual care | This is the cornerstone of our child sponsorship program. AMG International leaders direct children in discipleship, Bible studies, Christian summer camps, and other activities that nurture children’s spiritual growth.

Emotional care | A healthy family life is vital to a child’s emotional well-being. We share the Gospel with families and teach them about children’s needs for safety, education and protection from mental and physical abuse.

Social care | AMG International in-country leaders partner with local churches to organize mentoring programs and other activities that help children build their character and sense of responsibility, equipping them to become thriving adults.

AMG International is a Gospel-first global ministry that meets people’s deepest needs — spiritual and physical — by inspiring hope, restoring lives and transforming communities in Jesus’ name. For over 75 years, we have leveraged the insights of local leaders and churches that know their communities best to identify the right strategies to meet the deepest needs. Our methods include child and youth development, media evangelism, pastor training, church planting, medical care and disaster relief.