Our Uganda radio ministry began in 2000 immediately after a cult leader in Uganda named Joseph Kibwetere committed a heinous act in the south-western Ugandan district of Kanungu. He killed more than 1000 followers of his Movement for the Restoration of the Ten Commandments of God by dousing them with gasoline and setting them ablaze, as a means of attaining eternal life. This was after he had ordered them to go home and secretly sell all their property and give all the money to him.

Following that tragic act, Reuben Musiime, AMG International’s national director in Uganda, worked to figure out what had caused such a large number of people to follow cultic teachings. What he found was that those killed were searching for spiritual truth, but landed in the wrong church. After completing his research, which included interviews with more than 100 people about the cult, the Holy Spirit moved on his heart to start a radio program that teaches biblical truths over the airwaves, which he has continued for the last 18 years. Reuben thanks God for those of you who have prayed and supported this radio ministry that touches many souls in Uganda.

This unique program that airs on Radio West, a private commercial station, every Sunday morning from 7:30am – 8:00am, has a listenership of more than 12 million people. It is broadcast in one of the local (Lunyankole) languages so that people can hear God’s Word clearly preached, discussed, and taught in their mother tongue. Programs range from evangelistic teachings and discipleship to doctrinal teachings, testimonies, salvation, Church ministries, leadership, family, education, Christian life, parenting, and topical panel discussions. On occasion, Reuben will host a “call in” program because he realizes that one question, when correctly answered, benefits many Christians across the region. Without exception, the phone lines run at full capacity during this special radio program.

Reuben says, “I love this program very much because I receive many testimonies from listeners about how it encourages and ministers to them spiritually and aids in their Christian walk.” He goes on to report, “A few months ago, a 45-year-old father of three shared how he was baptized as an infant, regularly attended church, and therefore thought he was a Christian. Then one morning he heard us teach a salvation message centered around Romans 10:8-10, explaining that baptism does not save anyone, only faith in Christ Jesus can do that. Right then, this middle-aged man knelt down, prayed and accepted the Lord as his Savior. Soon afterward, he took the Gospel message to his family, and now all his children know Jesus and are actively engaged in church ministries.”

Another listener, Peter, testified of having improved his prayer life after AMG’s radio ministry taught on  how “effective prayers avail much” based on James 5:16. The listener said, “The radio program about prayer has totally changed my life. I have made it a life style to always pray without ceasing. I love it because it brings me closer to God’s presence, which I enjoy as a Christian.”

The radio program has helped many Christians better understand and believe what the Bible teaches. Unfortunately, cults, false prophets, and prosperity Gospel preachers are finding fertile ground in Uganda as the biblical truths are typically not taught in most of the churches. Likewise, many pastors are not theologically trained, which has hampered discipleship and Church growth. As one pastor commented during a recent pastoral training conference, “You cannot teach what you don’t have.”

Reuben goes on to say, “It is my utmost prayer that the Lord will continue to support this radio ministry as it reaches many souls in Uganda. I offer my sincere thanks to those of you whom the Lord has used to pray and support this effective ministry. May God continue to use you mightily to advance His Kingdom.”

Reuben Musiime