Last year we shared about the severe drought conditions faced by poor villagers in the State of Andhra Pradesh in India. We also asked our donors to come alongside us to help people in the region. As a result of your thoughtful generosity, we were able to purchase and install 16 bore wells in India. AMG’s national director in India, Arun Kumar, recently wrote, “We are grateful to you for the compassion you displayed for people suffering in India by digging bore wells to provide families with clean drinking water.”

India is now in the midst of its peak summer season and is experiencing temperatures of 122 degrees Fahrenheit. According to Meteorological Department statistics, almost three quarters of the State of Andhra Pradesh is reeling under severe drought this year due to a prolonged lack of rain. As a result, crops such as cotton, chilies, corn, and other vegetables have been completely destroyed, leaving behind barren fields. Farmers, as you can imagine, are distraught and find themselves under great pressure to repay the heavy debts accumulated in cultivating their land – land that won’t bear any fruit this season.

Because of the severe temperatures and lack of rain, typical water sources in Andhra Pradesh are drying up. As a result, villagers are having to gather whatever dirty water is available in ponds, streams and water tanks. This, however, is causing people to get sick from water borne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, jaundice, and fevers; and some cases are resulting in death.

The bore wells installed by AMG were dug deep in the ground, at 150 to 200 feet, which has helped them produce as water levels continue to fall deeper. Arun says, “By God’s grace the villages where AMG dug bore wells are still yielding water.” We have dug wells in lower caste colonies where those marginalized by society reside. Our national director in India has received 50 new requests for bore wells from community members and government officials. The need is great, but our God is far greater.

We would like to purchase and install 25 additional bore wells this year at a cost of $1,000 each. Would you consider joining us in this effort? As with all of our ministry efforts, we meet people’s deep physical needs because we love them, and because we hope to increase their receptivity to the Gospel message. In the drought ridden areas in India, we install bore wells and then our national leaders go into the villages and into people’s homes to tell them about Jesus, who is the source of Living Water. The poor are struggling in India, but together we can offer them hope and restore their lives and communities by providing access to clean water.