The lockdown that followed the coronavirus outbreak in 2020 allowed us to share the love of Jesus Christ with our neighbors. As the continuing lockdowns have affected each person differently, I can recall one morning in particular when we were awakened by a group of five drunk teens, one of whose name was Mumu. My wife, Freda, and I went out to greet them, and she discovered they were quite hungry after a long night of drinking. My wife went back home and returned with some bread for breakfast. The group appreciated our small gesture of love, and in return, we were able to strengthen our friendship with the group, specifically Mumu, over the following months during the quarantine. Freda later gave them some Christian literature and a mini-movie series titled Walking with Jesus to watch in hopes of keeping them productively busy.

A week after we gave Mumu, whom we learned was Muslim, the movie series, and he gave us a call to tell us how appreciative he was of the first episode. He told us how he gave W.W. J. to a Christian neighbor who had never really been on great speaking terms with him because of his actions. He said that after she watched the movie, they restored their relationship.

We decided that we would invite Mumu over for tea towards the end of May, which just happened to be during Ramadan Kareem. The first visit went very well, and we continued to have him over for tea to discuss life and the other episodes of W.W. J. after he watched each one.

At one point, he shared with us that he was a graphic artist in Kampala (the capital of Uganda) and was worried that the pandemic was hurting business. We spoke of God’s faithfulness and prayed that the Lord would provide work for Mumu. I also remember him being amazed at the transformation in two of the characters’ lives due to their new faith in Christ. During one of his visits, Mumu was also able to share that his fasting had helped him stop drinking alcohol regularly.

We used Mumu’s amazement of the transformation of those characters’ lives to emphasize that a personal relationship with the Lord is the key to see a transformation in one’s life. We were also able to share the difference that a relationship with Christ is a personal experience rather than an observation of rules and regulations.

On June 22, 2020, Mumu gave his life to Christ as I (Henry) shared the gospel through a booklet called The Four Spiritual Laws. He is still struggling off and on with alcohol, but he is proudly testifying the faithfulness of God to him throughout the lockdown. By the grace of God, Mumu has also received two more clients that offered him work in June.

L-R: Mumu, Henry Tenywa (AMG National Leader). This photo was taken one morning when Mumu came over feeling down. I spent an hour sharing the word of God, and when he left, he was smiling! Two weeks after this photo was taken, Mumu gave his life to Christ. Praise the Lord!