For most of us in the Western world, going to the doctor is a simple enough task. We hop in our cars, drive to the office, fill out some paperwork, get checked out, and our doctors are able to help. But that’s not the same story for many, even in 2019. 

Decent medical care in many poverty-stricken areas is hard to find, and may not even be available. In some areas where it actually does exist, patients may have to walk miles and miles for treatment, and the small medical clinics they travel to may not have all the supplies needed to help. If you’re unable to walk, you go without, or rely on witch doctors and local remedies that could hurt you even worse. 

But supporters like you haven’t let that stop you from making a difference. Your financial partnership is creating change. 

Bugongi College of Nursing and Midwifery started admitting students in November 2017.  The college is located around 150 miles from the city of Kampala, Uganda. AMG operates a child and youth development center there with almost 250 children. We also offer a dispensary to take care of the health needs of children at the center and people in need in the surrounding communities. 

The rural villages in Uganda are at a great disadvantage, especially in this area, for receiving quality health care. Even though 80 percent of the Ugandan population lives in rural areas, providing health care these areas is not one of the government’s top priorities. As a result with health concerns often suffer through their ailments without needed prescriptions and medical care.

Our current nursing students have started doing their practicum at a district hospital called Kitagata, which is located just 10 miles from the college. This has given students  much-needed “hands on” experience with patients.

Catherine, one of our students, shares about her first time working with patients during her practicum: 

“I was a bit scared, but took courage as our tutor had explained. I talked to the patient and explained what I was going to do, and the patient smiled at me and said ‘Ok’. This gave me the confidence to continue the help that was expected of me by checking her blood pressure”.

 We have received positive reports from both patients and hospital staff about our AMG students.  One doctor reported:

Students from Bugongi College of Nursing are doing well, are well behaved, and doing a great job here.  They take good care of patients by explaining their ailment with a loving heart, and they even pray for them as they seek medical help”.  

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends one physician per 1,000 people.However, Uganda’s doctor-to-patient ratio is one per 25,725 people, and its nurse-to-patient ratio is one per 11,000 people. It’s no wonder people living in rural areas are not able to get the medical they require. 

This college is an answered prayer for the rural community population in Bugongi. Together, we are equipping  young people with health care skills, while teaching them to be God’s hands and feet as they prepare to confidently share God’s Word with the patients they will treat after graduation.

Right now, we have 53 full time students and a teaching faculty of 10 professionals. There is also a non- teaching staff of about 15 people who offer support services to the college.  

The new school year just started with more than 60 new students.

The nursing college is in need for a new building to accommodate the additional students by providing space for classrooms, skill labs, a library, and a computer room. The cost of this expansion project is $150,000. We have a generous donor who is willing to match all gifts that we receive in support of the nursing school expansion over the next two months up to $75,000. So, you can double the impact of your gift to this much-needed project. You can donate here. 

Please prayerfully consider coming alongside the Bugongi College of Nursing to help meet the Ugandan people’s deep physical and spiritual needs in Jesus’ name.