I wish you could see the faces of the children grinning ear to ear during our very special celebration. The faces are those of precious boys and girls in our child and youth development centers all around the world, and this party is the annual Bundles of Love celebration that takes place at Christmas.

Most of these children come from extreme poverty. Often, they are orphans or come from broken homes. In spite of their backgrounds, at AMG they experience the loving care of our staff who are able to do what they do because of our faithful sponsors. Every Christmas, the children’s lives are filled with joy when they receive their Bundles of Love. At just $20 each, this precious package, containing much needed items, is an expression of care for the children. The bundle may contain the only pair of shoes the child will get for the year or the only toy. It may contain other clothing or a Bible if the child does not already have one. Every bundle is specially prepared for each individual child made up of items they need for the entire year.

Even more important than the physical needs being met, each bundle reminds these littles ones that they are loved by the Father and His followers. The celebration also gives us the opportunity to share the Good News with the communities that surround our centers. We invite local leaders, families and the rest of the community to join in on the festivities that include a clear presentation of the Gospel. It is a powerful way to share the true meaning of Christmas and point people to Jesus, the only One who can meet their deep spiritual needs.

Will you prayerfully consider giving the gift of love to a boy or girl in need this year? Knowing that the gift makes a tremendous difference in the life of a child while opening the door to proclaim the Gospel, is the reason for our joy. It costs just $20 to make one of these gifts possible, and every child under our care receives one.

Thank you for partnering with us to bring joy in the lives of boys and girls around the world this Christmas.


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