The Blessings of Bundles of Love

“Our needs were met through AMG.” Children like me who come from needy families in the Philippines have a difficult time celebrating Christmas. Families struggle to find a way to purchase new garments for their children. When I would ask my parents for something new...

A Life Transformed

Imagine being an eight-year-old and having no parents to rely on. Imagine growing up in extreme poverty — sometimes going a whole day without any food — and longing for sleep to ignore your hunger and ease the pain. Imagine searching through trash to find leftovers to...
Meeting the Deepest NeedsGive Clean Water

Because of the severe temperatures and lack of rain, typical water sources in Andhra Pradesh are drying up. As a result, villagers are having to gather whatever dirty water is available in ponds, streams and water tanks. This, however, is causing people to get sick from water borne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, jaundice, and fevers; and some cases are resulting in death.

We would like to purchase and install 25 additional bore wells this year at a cost of $1,000 each. Would you consider joining us in this effort?