We are excited to announce our first ever graduating class from the Bugongi College of Nursing and Midwife­ry! The pioneer group of 13 students passed their final exams with a 100 percent performance rate. These new nurses and midwives will be working all over Uganda to help meet the vast need for medical professionals in the country. Congratulations, we are so proud of you! BCNM started admitting students in November 2017.

The college is located around 150 miles from the city of Kampala, Uganda. AMG operates a child and youth development center there with almost 250 children. We also offer a dispensary to take care of the health needs of children at the center and people in need in the surrounding communities. The rural villages in Uganda are at a great dis­advantage, especially in this area, for receiving quality health care. Even though 80 percent of the Ugandan population lives in rural areas, pro­viding health care in these areas is not one of the government’s top priorities. As a result, people with health concerns often suffer through their ailments without needed pre­scriptions and medical care. Togeth­er, we are equipping young people with health care skills, while teaching them to be God’s hands and feet as they prepare to confidently share God’s Word with the patients they will treat after graduation.