AMG International has several national leaders serving in high-risk areas all over the world. In some of these countries it is illegal to be a Christian or share the gospel, and many face persecution and discrimination because of their faith.

We have especially seen many of our national leaders and partners in these countries be denied COVID-19 relief from their local governments because they are openly Christian.

Thomas (not his real name) pastors a church in a primarily Muslim area in Pakistan. They have around 25 families that meet on a regular basis in a home church. Poverty enslaves the village where Thomas serves, and most of the families have lost their jobs. The government started a relief program, however Thomas was denied help because relief was only for Muslim families. His ID lists him as a Christian. Thanks to AMG’s generous supporters, Thomas and many others have received aid packages to help meet their physical needs until work becomes available for them once again.

One of Thomas’ church members and partners in ministry, Simon (not his real name), has been helping with evangelism and church planting efforts in the surrounding areas.  Simon recently shared one of his friend’s Facebook posts that offended many Muslims living in the village. Several of them asked Simon to go to the local mosque to ask forgiveness for sharing the post, but he knew that was a trap. Simon was later arrested and the community demanded capital punishment. The police transferred Simon to a secure location; however, he is still in jail awaiting the court’s decision on his case. Simon has three children, the youngest of which was born while he has been in custody. Since this incident, many Christian families, including Thomas’, have had to leave their homes due to threats against them. Thomas has been receiving death threats as well while in jail.

Please continue praying for our persecuted brothers and sisters as they choose to live faithfully every day in an extremely hostile environment that threatens their homes and families.  Please pray that Simon’s case would be settled soon and that he would be released back to his family.

If you would like to learn more about how you can help families suffering from the economic effects of the coronavirus in Pakistan and elsewhere, please give to our COVID-19 Relief Fund today.

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