The Fuego volcano recently experienced its largest eruption since 1974, spewing a mix of lava, ash, rock and volcanic gases over 16,000 feet in the air, making conditions extremely critical for the people of Guatemala. The early count shows over 75 people killed and nearly 200 missing. According to Brian Dennett, director of AMG Guatemala, thousands of people have been injured or are suffering from respiratory issues caused by the eruption and its aftermath. News reports indicate that 1.7 million people have been affected by the tragedy with nearly 3,500 having already been evacuated from their homes.

At the time of this printing, communities are covered in thick ash and have been hard to reach as the search for survivors continues. AMG’s facilities have been impacted as well. Likewise, corn and vegetable crops, the main food sources in Guatemala, have been ruined across the regions where AMG has been    working. As a result, food prices are   expected to rise, causing many to be without over the next 12 months. As God’ people we needed to act.

AMG Guatemala responded quickly to the disaster, tangibly expressing the love of Christ by sending medicines and bottled water to hospitals in the region. We have also sent teams of chaplains and volunteers to help meet the immediate needs, both spiritual and physical, of the people affected by this devastating natural disaster. In addition, all 30 of AMG’s schools and centers in Guatemala have been authorized by the government to serve as collection points to provide for the needs of local residents.

Throughout the coming months, AMG will be providing bottled water, temporary shelters, medical supplies, hygiene products and clothing to those in need. AMG will also be opening a food distribution center in Verbena. We can only serve in these ways through the help of our generous financial partners.

AMG International needs to raise $17,000 over each of the next three months to provide relief to those in need, for a total of $51,000.

Our purpose is to meet the deep needs of the people of Guatemala, inspire hope, restore lives, and rebuild communities devastated by the disaster, while pointing people to Jesus. Will you prayerfully consider partnering with us in this urgent endeavor? Together, we can make a difference in people’s lives, and in the suffering communities, while serving as the hands and feet of God. Please make a gift to AMG’s Disaster Relief Fund today.