The Greek Bible College has been pioneering evangelical education in Greece and the surrounding countries since the 1970s and continues to prepare the next generation of pastors to plant and lead churches in numerous communities.

Over the last 10 years, graduates of the college have spearheaded an urban church planting initiative that has resulted in seven established congregations, mainly located in Athens, which are thriving and growing. Not only are the graduates pouring into their communities and sharing the gospel, they are also assisting in training current Bible students by hosting internships that utilize the students’ spiritual gifts. They continue to organize a number of public outreach events in the city that are open to a wide variety of audiences including those coming from Greek Orthodox, atheistic, anarchist, and communist backgrounds.

These events provide Bible students with the opportunity to tangibly display the love of Christ with others as they become better acquainted with their communities’ ways of thinking. This outreach is just one of the many ways the Greek Bible College encourages their students to live out their faith. The college has also taken students to serve and minister in refugee camps. As a result, many of them have continued to serve in refugee ministries beyond their college years.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the college had to shift to an online platform for a time, and it has taken extra steps to keep students safe when they return for the fall semester. Even with social distancing, the faculty is encouraging their students to still share the love of Christ with their hurting communities. Please continue praying for these students as they faithfully prepare to enter into ministry during these unprecedented times.

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