The coronavirus pandemic shifted our ministries drastically in 2020, a theme which you will see throughout this report. We wanted to share a few testimonies of some of the good that came out of quarantine.

Evelyn’s family belonged to the Roman Catholic Church for a long time until her son, Elexis, entered the AMG child sponsorship program in the Philippines. The Labadia family claimed to know the Lord but were not serious in their daily walk with Him at the time. Then, tragedy struck, and Evelyn’s husband passed away unexpectedly, leaving them with no place to live after his family shunned them. The AMG center staff encouraged her to buy a small lot available next to the church, and she built a home there.

Evelyn did not have a good relationship with either of her children; the strains of life had severed any connection they may have once had. Then, things went from bad to worse. Her daughter, Eve, had a child at a very young age and moved away.

Not long after, COVID-19 struck. Evelyn and Elexis were quarantined at home together, the most time they had spent with each other in years. Cut off from their everyday lives, Evelyn and Elexis were able to get to know each other again as they started to pursue the Lord truly for the first time in their lives. Elexis began to care for his widowed mother, and for the first time, Evelyn laid hands on her children and interceded for them.

Evelyn and Elexis became involved in the church, serving in any way they could. Eve even returned and dedicated her child to the Lord! While the pandemic caused anxiety, fear, and crisis, it also brought healing for many people like the Labadia family.  


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