Hello, my name is Lawrence Mubiru, and I’m an AMG alumnus from the Massajja Child Care Centre.

I was born into a destitute environment with no hope, and I had no chance of going to school. By the grace of God, I was accepted into the AMG International sponsorship program and was able to start kindergarten, and from there continued and completed high school.

Following my senior year, I enrolled in a vocational school where I pursued a degree in fashion and design.

After graduation I started a training center called Hollyland Fashion Designers with the aim of teaching, equipping and training the younger generation with

skills in fashion and design.

At Hollyland, we help disadvantaged people of all ages, especially youth, by equipping them with tailoring skills. We have many girls who have dropped out of school for various reasons, and my passion is to help them find a lucrative way to provide for themselves.

Even more important than the education I received was the spiritual guidance I benefited from through regular Bible teachings offered at AMG youth camps and weekend programs. I gained hope, self-acceptance and confidence. I started living life with the “I am okay, and I am on my way,” kind of attitude.

“I am proud of the man I have become by God’s grace! God is working exceedingly and abundantly beyond my expectations, and I give Him all the glory. Because of AMG I have learned that I have a God-given purpose, and there is absolutely no excuse not to fulfill it. I came from almost nothing to something, and I want to use my life as an example for others to see how great our God is. I believe God is continuing to open doors of opportunity for me as even sharing my testimony now provides a chance to offer hope to others in ways I didn’t think was possible.”