Sofia Nalangay is a 14 year old girl from the Philippines. Her father was imprisoned due to criminal activity and was later released in 2008.  After the incident, her mother left the family without any warning, and her whereabouts are still unknown. 

Sofia is the youngest of seven children.  Her older brother would have to beg for food from their neighbors because they had no one taking care of them. Some of their neighbors called social workers to step in and help. 

Sofia was taken in by AMG Philippine’s Home of Hope when she was two years old. When she was eight, she was hospitalized due to a serious ear infection that required surgery. After her surgery she needed monthly checkups to make sure everything was okay. 

During one of her checkups the doctors discovered something abnormal and ordered X-rays to be taken. The tests showed that she had a slightly enlarged heart Sofia was diagnosed with slight cardiomegaly, which meant she was going to need surgery. Further examination showed that Sofia also had congenital heart disease and a hole in the wall of the upper chambers of her heart.

AMG International partnered with AMG Philippines to be able to send Sofia to Greece to have the needed surgery performed at AMG’s St. Luke’s hospital. Our national leaders in the Philippines were able to get her a passport, but they ran into problems acquiring her visa for the trip.

Our team in the Philippines then found a qualified doctor who would perform the surgery at a discounted rate in-country, and also found a donor who provided the necessary financial support to pay for the surgery. Through our combined efforts, Sofia was able to have the life-saving surgery she needed! 

She had a transcatheter closure last year, and she is now healthier than ever. Sofia continues to thrive in AMG’s child and youth development program in the Philippines. She loves to read, and she is doing well in school.

Sofia is one of thousands of children who have been helped through our child sponsorship program. We welcome you to consider sponsoring a child like Sofia through AMG International.To see a list of children in need who are awaiting sponsorship, please visit our website at Together, we can prepare children for a brighter tomorrow while gently guiding them toward a relationship with Jesus.

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