God is at work! Even in places where there is heavy opposition to the Gospel, Jesus’ Kingdom is advancing. In Pakistan alone, one of the pastors trained by AMG International has already planted two churches. Three Buddhists recently accepted Christ in northern Bangladesh, which is a great joy since statically Buddhists have been one of the hardest people to reach for Christ. Most Buddhists believe that converting to Christianity is tantamount to turning one’s back on his/her ancestry and culture. Several teens attending our summer camp in Bangladesh accepted Christ as their Savior and followed Him in baptism. By God’s grace 407 individuals became fellow believers last year, through the ministries of our national leaders in Pakistan and Bangladesh, and six new churches were planted.

People devastated by a volcanic eruption in Guatemala, as while as those impacted by a severe natural disaster in Indonesia, have been receiving much-needed help from AMG to rebuild their communities in recent months. Precious little boys and girls have been given the opportunity for a brighter tomorrow through AMG’s new child and youth development project in Colombia. Dozens of nursing students are being educated at AMG’s new nursing school in Uganda. Many refugees are coming to faith in Greece through our comprehensive outreach efforts. And, leprosy sufferers in India are being lovingly cared for, served and ministered to in the name of Jesus.

Through the help of faithful financial supporters like you, the spiritual, physical, and emotional needs of lost and suffering people are being met throughout the world. And, while much work is being done, new ministry opportunities continue to present themselves. These new ministry initiatives will allow AMG to serve as the hands and feet of Jesus in more regions of the world that are in desperate need of the Gospel. There are more than three billion people worldwide who are lost and destined to spend eternity away from God’s presence unless they come to a saving knowledge of Christ. There are thousands of children who will die today unnecessarily because of malnutrition and disease. There are millions upon millions of people who live in extreme poverty and find themselves in need of food, clothing, basic medical care, and an education that will enable them to rise above their desperate circumstances.

That is why we need to keep pressing on in the name of Jesus. During His earthly ministry He proclaimed the Good News while also showing compassion for people’s physical needs. He also commanded His disciples to do the same thing, preaching and caring for people’s physical needs (Luke 10:5–9).

Throughout our 77-year history, we have been following Jesus’ example of sharing the Good News and tangibly expressing His love to the downtrodden. Please know that you play an important role in all that we have done and continue to do around the globe. It is because of your faithful and generous partnership that we can act on the opportunities He brings before us in an effort to meet people’s deepest needs while pointing them to Jesus. Will you prayerfully continue to partner with us to make Him and His love known among the least and the lost? Together, we can restore more lives and transform more communities, while inspiring hope in challenging places.


Tasos Ioannidis