The children under the care of AMG International’s Home of Hope orphanage in the Philippines learned a very valuable lesson recently.

But let’s back up and give you a little background. In 2016 it became obvious to Riche Olivares, Executive Director of the Home of Hope, that the center’s van needed to be replaced. It was 18 years old and experiencing more and more frequent mechanical issues – including problems with the brakes. As old as the van was, parts for repairing the van were becoming more and more difficult to find, leaving it out of service for long periods of time.

Then too, the government had put into effect new public safety and clean air laws, meaning even when the van was running it was out of compliance with the country’s laws. Not a good situation.

But the van was needed. Without it, they could not take the kids on educational field trips, to camp, or even to needed medical appointments.

So, in 2016 Riche and the kids began to pray for a new van.

In 2017 and 2018 the need was brought before the board for discussion. The prayers of the board were combined with the prayers of the kids.

In June of last year we were able to present the need to you. In that letter we explained,

The orphanage is in desperate need of a safe vehicle to serve the children, staff and volunteers. The orphanage’s present passenger van is over 20 years old and is out of compliance with the Philippine Government’s Clean Air Act. A new passenger van will allow us to safely transport the children to and from educational field trips, summer camps, meetings, and recreational activities. It will also serve as an ambulance in cases of emergency, will transport supplies, and haul staff members to off-site meetings and seminars. The cost of a new 12-foot passenger van is $20,620.

Would you prayerfully consider joining us and other faithful donors by investing in this important need today? Together, we can bless the children in the orphanage, the center and its staff for years to come.

The need clearly resonated with you, and you gave generously. As a result, in October, 2018, the prayers of the kids and of the board were answered!

And that’s where we pick up the rest of the story. As Riche reports,

“We’re so thankful that the new van was realized and was provided to Home of Hope. The new van was delivered to Home of Hope on October 31, 2018. On the same day, the children with the staff gathered together for thanksgiving.”

Now, with this new van, the children, the staff and volunteers are truly benefited a lot. Home visits, and school visits/monitoring children under community-based program and other related activities have been done promptly. TO GOD BE THE GLORY!

So, thank you! Thank you for meeting this need. Thank you for inspiring hope in children who now know they can trust God with their needs and that He answers prayer. With the delivery of this van the children have learned the truth of the verse, “This is the confidence we have in approaching God: that if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us” (1 John 5:14).