Jameel is a young Christian man living in a small village with his wife and three sons. Like many other Christians in the area, Jameel leased a small portion of agricultural land from the Muslim landlord to grow the crops and provide for his family.

In April 2020, the country went into lockdown due to the coronavirus outbreak. Jameel found it nearly impossible to arrange the pesticides and fertilizer for his crops. He paid double the price for his supplies due to shortages and lockdowns. He was forced to take a loan with a high-interest rate to stay afloat.

In June, he contracted COVID-19. The hospitals refused to admit him because no space was available, and private hospitals are costly. He slept on the floor of the government hospital for many nights. Despite these horrible conditions, he recovered independently and went back home, but his problems did not end there.

In September, when his crop was ready to harvest, a severe monsoon flooded the area, destroying his crops. At this point, Jameel contemplated committing suicide. He was left with nothing, and the loan and annual lease payment were right around the corner. He couldn’t even put food on the table for his children, and it had been a couple of days since the family had last eaten.

His wife reached out to AMG Pakistan national leader Christina Javed if there was any help. Christina was able to give them food for one month and new clothes for his family.

Unfortunately, many families like Jameel are suffering due to the pandemic, and cases are once again rising in Pakistan. The government is already reimplementing lockdown measures in different areas, exasperating the secondary struggles that have grown out of the coronavirus. Food relief is an ongoing need for so many in developing countries without any income source during these uncertain times, and statistics show food insecurity will more than double this year.

Jameel and his family, and other families just like his, need your continued faithful support. If you would like to learn more about what you can do, visit us at amghelp.org.