In my 30 years of serving the Lord at AMG, I have been privileged to visit many of our child and youth development centers around the world, which are impacting the lives of thousands of needy boys and girls. I am always blessed to see the expressions on the faces of these precious little one that look different from so many of the children who are not part of our program.

Why do they look different, you ask? Because their expressions are filled with hope. It is a hope that they will live a life without poverty on this earth, and, more importantly, the hope that there is an eternity that is even better because they now know that they can spend it in the presence of God.

I wish you could see the hope on the face of a little girl whom I met earlier this year during my trip to our ministries in Thailand. She comes from a poor family in a tribal area in northern Thailand. And, because of a loving sponsor, through AMG she has experienced loving care including clothing, food, and a good education. She has also learned about Jesus who offers salvation for eternity. And now she wants to become a doctor. If she is successful, she will be the first girl from her tribe in the entire region to accomplish that goal. But that is the hope that loving care, made possible by a committed sponsor, can bring. And she has her whole life to live as a living testimony of God’s transforming power.

I met several other young men and women who had gone through our program. They all came from poverty, but now they were professionals like accountants and teachers. And, they were committed followers of Christ! The investment of a sponsor in each of their lives has met their deepest physical and spiritual needs and restored hope in their lives. It transformed them and helped to grow the local church. It was an investment with eternal dividends.

Famed evangelist Dwight L Moody once said, “If I could relive my life, I would devote my entire ministry to reaching children for God.” That’s because childhood is the best time to reach someone with the saving message of the Gospel. It is reported that 80 percent of those who come to a saving knowledge of Jesus do so before the age of 14. And then they have their entire lives to spend in the service of Jesus.

But the need is great. Each day more boys and girls in desperate need of loving care are brought to us. With your help we will care for them. And your investment in their lives will make a difference for this earth and for eternity. Won’t you prayerfully partner with us to make a difference in the lives of needy boys and girls?

Tasos Ioannidis