Ioana is an elderly patient living in Romania who visited our Diaconia Medical Clinic some time ago.

After the consultation, she went to the pharmacy to pick up her prescribed medicines. Our nurse in the pharmacy, Marcela, is a very devout Christian lady. She struck up a conversation with Ioana like she had known her for 10 years.

Ioana talked about her medical problems, but she also shared that it would have been easier for her had she not had problems with her only child, whom she hadn’t seen for a few years.

She told Marcela that after some misunderstandings and divergences, her son and his family left for England to live and work there. She hadn’t heard from him in a long time, and the separation had been hard on Ioana and her husband.

Marcela encouraged her to pray to God and trust in His help.

Two months later Ioana came back for a checkup and when she saw Marcela she told her that she kept praying…but nothing happened.

The only thing out of the ordinary was every two or three weeks she would receive an unusual phone call. Ioana would answer the phone, but the person on the other side never said a word. They would hang up after a few seconds. Ioana was convinced it was her son.

Marcela encouraged Ioana to say something to her son on the next call: ‟I know it is you, my son… Mom loves you and forgives you, please talk to me!” 

However, Ioana matter-of-factly replied that her son should be the one to ask for forgiveness! It was her son who made a mistake.

Marcela then shared about Jesus Christ, who was crucified and mocked on the cross for us. Even though we didn’t deserve it, He was ready to forgive us because He loves us!

Ioana said she understood, and promised she would forgive, just as Christ did. When she came again for a checkup, she was very happy and had a smile on her face.

Ioana told Marcela that she had taken her advice and spoken to her son. As a result, her son and his entire family came home to Romania. He asked for forgiveness and their family was restored!

Ioana was happy and so grateful to God for answering her prayer, and thankful for Marcela’s support throughout this whole situation.

We desire and pray to God that He will help us fulfill our mission at Diaconia, to be a lighthouse that will direct people to Christ!