Judith Neal

After 40 years in nursing, I have had the fabulous opportunity to go on five AMG International medical mission trips to Uganda. Oh, how it has enriched my life to come to know and medically treat the Ugandan children and adults. Their challenges are huge, but their gratitude has endeared each patient to me. The small established medical clinics are far better equipped than I expected. The day trips further into the “bush” remind me of how the pioneers ventured out to find the underserved populations. The people we treat are always filled with love and appreciation for the care they receive. During our Mission Adventures trips, we are surrounded with AMG support staff who have giant hearts and exceptional skills.

I have seen much progress in care during these years. I would love to be a part of AMG’s medical mission work forever. As a “helper”, I have been the receiver of many blessings. I now see medical outreach with new eyes and increased love for people of other cultures, and I appreciate AMG’s expansive ministry in Uganda. I have made lifelong friends among the AMG staff who serve daily and tirelessly in Uganda, and my goal is to love and encourage them as much as possible.

I’m thankful for having witnessed the dream of an unbelievable nursing and midwifery college come to fruition in Uganda. My involvement with AMG has been a highlight in my life; bettering any degrees, awards, or honors achieved in my career. I thank God and AMG International for the opportunity to serve and help meet people’s healthcare needs in Uganda.

David Holten

My name is David Holten and I am grateful for the opportunity to express my thanks to AMG for allowing me to do short-term medical missions in Uganda. I have practiced Family Medicine for 58 years, and doing short-term missions has been a highlight of my life during those years.

Experiencing the culture in Uganda has enriched my life and that of my wife, children and grandchildren who have accompanied me. To share the love of Jesus with receptive persons who are grateful for the attention shown to them is gratifying beyond measure. They know that you have sacrificed time and finances to come to them.

It has been exciting to see patients return to our clinic to tell of healing and faith in Jesus. Having the opportunity to get to know the local medical staff is also so encouraging. They are lifted up by our visits, while they carry on in their daily dedication to serve.

Serving on the mission field gives you more than you could ever give to them. You come home with a deeper appreciation of what we have in America and it outweighs any tourist trip that you could make. The Lord exchanges a small gift of obedience for a unique opportunity to serve.

I cannot emphasize the lifelong experiences you will have in serving on a short-term medical mission. You will desire to stay longer and to return sooner to a place where you are appreciated beyond measure. These trips have been a highlight in our lives and have given us untold meaning.

There are endless opportunities awaiting you in many countries where AMG is reaching out to those in need. Why not experience these times of serving when you can? You can never outgive our Lord!

David R. Holten, M.D.

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