Angeles Mileidy Chinchay Santos is a ten-year-old girl from Peru who was born with muscular dystrophy. Walking was impossible for her.

When she was little the doctors thought she had hip dislocations, so she had her first surgery when she was three.

One day when Angeles was younger, AMG’s Dr. Spiros Zodhiates Child Development Center in Lima received a visit from a group of volunteers who learned about her condition and decided to step in and help. Angeles and her mother, Helen, still remember the day when Denise Lavender and other members of her team decided to help her with her treatment. When she was seven years old, she had  dislocation surgery on her right hip, and  later that year she had the same surgery on her left hip.

The clinic also provided help with medicine, physiotherapy treatment, and a special milk with vitamins that was prescribed for her illness. Later on when she fell and broke her femur, they were able to help with the surgery needed for that also, and all went well!

Angeles is still under medical treatment, and she has to attend physiotherapy sessions three to four times a week. She needs vitamins to continue with her treatment, and she has to wear special shoes. Angeles and her mother appreciate every AMG supporter that’s been helping with Angeles’ journey!

Angeles is now  a part of the AMG child development program and she attends the 4th grade. She is a very smart and responsible girl who has a heart for Christ and  a determination to overcome any challenge she faces in this life.

Please pray for her and her mother  to find a new place to live that is  closer to both the treatment center and Angeles’ school. They currently live on a hill and it is very difficult for her to carry her daughter home.

They greatly appreciate all the help they have received through AMG and they look forward to seeing the Lord continue to provide for them.

Angeles has a sponsor through AMG, but there are many other children like her that need sponsors. Please pray about sponsoring a child. For more information you can visit our website