Since 2015, India has faced severe drought, and nearly half of the country’s population is continually affected by significant water shortages. This has resulted in around 75 percent of Indians not having access to clean drinking water in their homes.

Those living in rural villages are oftentimes forced to choose between working that day or walking to another village to buy water for their family. More often than not, villagers have to gather whatever dirty water is available in ponds, streams, and water tanks. These water sources are causing people to get sick from water-borne diseases like diarrhea, typhoid, jaundice, and fevers, and some cases are resulting in death. This crisis has moved AMG India, with the help of our donors, to step in and meet these critical needs.

In 2019, our resource partners provided the funds to purchase and install 24 new borewells in villages across India. Twenty-one were put in place, and installation of the last three started in the beginning of 2020. Now the people living in these villages, and their cattle, have access to clean drinking water, even during extended periods without rain.

In the past, other borewells in and around the villages we serve were dug by the government and other NGOs but have dried up because the installation depth was unable to sustain water levels during the dry season. The borewells installed by AMG reach much deeper in the ground, at 150 to 200 feet, which allows them to remain viable even as water levels continue to fall lower. AMG India National Director Arun Kumar says, “By God’s grace the villages where AMG dug borewells are still yielding water.”

By design, AMG digs wells in lower caste colonies where those marginalized by society reside. Due to the increasing scarcity of drinking water, AMG India has been receiving more and more requests for borewells in these desperate communities. Our goal is to purchase and install 50 new wells in 2020. These wells would give hundreds of families access to clean water all year long regardless of the weather.

Each borewell costs $1,000. Would you consider joining us in this effort? As with all of our ministries, our goal is to meet people’s deepest physical needs because we know that providing hope increases their openness to the gospel. We install borewells in India’s drought-ridden areas, and our national leaders then go into people’s homes to tell them about Jesus, who is the source of Living Water that never runs dry.

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