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Reaching the World Through Media

As a Gospel-driven ministry, AMG International uses words and deeds to share the Good News of Christ, as well as media to reach a more widespread audience. Our ministry is built on Christ’s call to preach the Gospel “in all the world for a witness unto all nations” (Matt. 24:14), and to do this, we work through media evangelism, which is particularly effective in countries closed to overt missionary activity.

Over the years, our media ministry has shown the greatest return on investment in terms of reach and costs. For instance, our radio station in Cyprus has 20,000 daily listeners with a potential audience of 800,000 people. In Indonesia alone, 3,000 people participate in our Bible correspondence courses each month. And, in Cyprus, people responding to our radio broadcasts get a New Testament and a copy of the Jesus Film, in addition to receiving a personal contact from the station. This allows seekers to get acquainted with biblical truths in a safe environment where they can explore the Christian faith. Our goal is to connect these people to local pastors and communities of believers that will help them on their spiritual journey. Our Christian living broadcasts are also an encouragement to fellow believers that long for spiritual nourishment.


The following is a list of ways we use media to share the Gospel:


Thought-provoking newspaper ads containing Gospel messages are one of the most cost-effective and impactful ways that AMG International reaches unbelievers. A newspaper gains access to homes where Christians might never be allowed to enter, especially in predominantly Muslim, Hindu and Buddhist communities. When someone responds to an ad, AMG International follows up with a Bible and invitation to take Bible correspondence courses free of charge that cover basics about God, sin and salvation, doctrinal studies and practical truths about God’s Word. Our hope is to develop a personal relationship through correspondence and encourage them to attend a church and foster their curiosity for and walk with God. Many respondents begin the course as unbelievers — often devoted to other religions — but as they learn more about Christianity and receive Christ as their Savior, many of them also invite other people to enroll in courses.


As more people are reading their news online, AMG International has expanded its “newspaper evangelism” to electronic media, including Facebook and Twitter. When people click on web ads, they have the opportunity to enroll in Bible correspondence classes at no cost. AMG International works with ministry partners in numerous countries, web advertising and site designers, interpreters and counselors who are knowledgeable in setting up these Internet-based opportunities for hundreds of thousands of people to learn about Jesus and the Gospel.


AMG International’s radio ministry began in 1947, when long-time AMG International President Dr. Spiros Zodhiates taught from the original Greek New Testament text on the New Testament Light radio broadcast. Since then, our radio ministry has been one of the most effective ways to share the Gospel. Today, AMG International supports radio ministry partners who proclaim the Gospel around the world, including Greece, Myanmar, Indonesia, Uganda and Hong Kong.




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Media Evangelism 

Throughout its history, AMG International has been using media evangelism to proclaim the Gospel. One of the people reached by this ministry was Efie, a woman living in Greece. At the age of 33, she stood before the coffin of a good friend and pondered the meaning of her existence on earth. Her friend’s early death shattered Efie’s hope for her own future. “I saw myself in that coffin, in her place, and I was frustrated, wondering why it is so much effort every day, such anxiety for tomorrow, so much care for the betterment of life, for our longevity,” remembers Efie. She also questioned God’s omnipotence while people around her were dying at a young age.

Efie reached out to friends who had religious beliefs, but was unsatisfied with their responses. After six months of frustration, Efie found what she was looking for while reading a secular magazine. AMG International had placed an ad in the magazine in the form of an article, titled “Why do you live?”, by Spiros Zodhiates. He wrote, “I know, oh soul, you are now wondering why you live. Take and read a Bible, the Word of God, and God will answer you.”

Efie connected with AMG International and received a Bible. As she eagerly read the Good News, she learned about God’s plan for her salvation through the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. After having read through the Bible, God gave her—in her words—“a new spirit and a new heart.” Today, AMG International’s media evangelism ministry continues to seek after and find people like Efie who are thirsting for spiritual knowledge but do not have access to resources in person.

Sharing the Gospel through media

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