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AMG International’s mission is to meet people’s deepest needs — both physically and spiritually, with the Gospel being the core of all we do. To do this, we partner with people who are dedicated to sharing the Gospel, whether they are career missionaries or individuals interested in supporting one of AMG International’s ministries through a short-term mission trip.

AMG International Missionaries |  Our missionaries are spread throughout the globe, ministering in various capacities. The missionaries are individuals, couples and families, in all stages of life. Our group of missionaries are involved in ministries such as Bible education, church planting, church leadership training, newspaper evangelism, refugee work, children’s ministry and more.

Short-term Mission Trips | AMG International’s Mission Adventures give individuals and groups opportunities to partner with AMG International missionaries and national leaders and see firsthand what God is doing around the world. They take part in building schools and churches, participating in children’s ministries in orphanages and youth development centers, and sharing the Gospel with adults and children who desperately need to hear about God’s love. We invite people to use their gifts to minister to and alongside local believers while also being challenged in their personal walk with God.

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Cher Shou Cha was born in Laos during the Vietnam War. As a child, his family was forced to move several times for political reasons. They eventually settled in a small village near the Thai border, but life there also was turbulent. The challenges led Cher Shou to consider escaping to Thailand, which he did several years later with one of his uncles. The group walked through the jungle for three weeks to reach a refugee camp in Thailand.

A few months later, Cher Shou and some friends began forming a plan to return to Laos to bring their families to Thailand. “It took us about a month before we came up with a good solution,” he says. “Not just our family needed to escape, but about 15 other families asked us to lead them, and we could not deny their plea. It was a hard time for all Hmong people because the Communist government and army was very suspicious of us all.” The journey started at dark and continued until the next evening. The group pressed on without sleeping until they reached an area where they could safely stop and rest. After trekking over more hills, they finally reached the refugee camp. At that camp, Cher Shou met an AMG International missionary who led him to Christ.

In 1982, Cher Shou and his wife were brought to the United States as part of a refugee resettlement program. In this new life, Cher Shou worked to support his family, in addition to learning English, taking Bible classes, engaging in church plants, and holding church leadership positions. Once he earned bachelor’s and master’s degrees, he and his wife felt God’s calling to serve elsewhere—the calling led them to Thailand as AMG International missionaries. This couple joins other AMG International missionaries who serve among their own people, in a culture they are already familiar with, enabling them to quickly connect with and reach the local people for Christ.

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AMG International’s original mission was to reach the Greeks in America and abroad. Since then, our ministries have grown to serve people in over 35 countries. Click on the map to learn more about our work in a specific part of the world.



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